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For You

1978 - 1979

"For You" is Prince's debut album. Prince played all the instruments on the album. The credits list the instruments played on every track - including the make and model. This is the only time Prince listed the instruments on an album in such detail. This list led to the claim that Prince could play 27 instruments.

The album has a sound that is similar to other R&B and disco albums of the time. A few songs also show an influence of jazz, fusion and folk featuring acoustic guitars and percussion instruments.

There were a few live dates in support of the album, but no full tour.

In the studio

For You was recorded between October and December 1977 at the Record Plant. The album credits only list an electric guitar without a make or model. Prince was often photographed with a Fender Stratocaster around this time so it likely that he played one on the album. There is a photograph of Prince with a Gibson Hummingbird inside the album cover. He may have played one on the acoustic songs on the album. Prince played all the bass parts on an Orr Bass. There is a phaser effect on some of the guitar parts that may have been a Mutron Bi-Phase.

Prince played several keyboards on the album. Analogue synthesizers feature prominently, with models including an Oberheim 4 Voice, a Moog Polymoog 203a (credited as "Ms Poly Moog"), a Moog Minimoog, an Arp Pro Soloist, an Arp String Ensemble. Other keyboards included a Hohner Clavinet, a Fender Rhodes and an unnamed acoustic piano.

This album features some electronic percussion, the Pollard Syndrums. Prince also plays an unnamed acoustic drum kit and a range of acoustic percussion instruments including a slapstick, wind chimes, water drums, bongos, a bell tree and a wood block.

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