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 "Prince" is Prince's second album. It's sound is similar to For You, Prince's debut, and other R&B and disco albums of the time.

Prince played all the instruments on the album. Unlike For You, there are no instruments listed in the album credits. Prince made his first music videos and television appearances in support of the record.

Prince went on his first tour in support of the album from December 1979 to February 1980, followed by a tour supporting Rick James from February to May 1980.

In the studio

Prince was recorded between April and June 1979 at Alpha and Hollywood Sound studios. Prince played a Fender Stratocaster on this album.[1] Other guitars that might appear on the album include a Gibson L6S, an Orr Guitar and a Telecaster. It is likely that some of these guitars appear on the album. There are distorted guitar tones on the album that possibly came from an overdriven Mesa/Boogie Mark II. There is also a phaser, possibly a Mutron Bi-Phase.

Prince plays an Orr Bass in the I Wanna Be Your Lover video, and it is likely that one appears the album. There are a few songs played on an unknown acoustic guitar, possibly a Gibson Hummingbird.

The album features the same keyboards as For You. Based on Dr Fink's list of Prince's keyboards these were an Oberheim 4 Voice, a Moog Polymoog 203a, a Moog Minimoog, an Arp Pro Soloist, an Arp String Ensemble, a Hohner Clavinet, a Fender Rhodes and an acoustic piano.

Prince played all the percussion on the album, including an acoustic kit and some electronic percussion, probably Pollard Syndrums.

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