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Newpower Soul


"Newpower Soul" is an album by the New Power Generation. Despite this, Prince sings and plays on all of the songs and appears on the front cover. The album is sonically similar to Emancipation, whilst also revisiting some sounds from the early 1980s.

It is unknown to what extent the NPG contributed to the album. There is not much documentation of the album sessions.

Prince toured in support of the Newpower Soul album. Although that album was credited to the New Power Generation, Prince toured extensively under his own name. Prince gave an interview to Guitar Player in 1999, and it is assumed that a similar set up was used for this tour. The other details are taken from photographs and videos of this period.

In the studio

Newpower Soul was recorded between May 1997 and February 1998 at Paisley Park. Prince played a Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar, a Hohner Madcat and an Ibanez GB12 George Benson signature guitar on the album. He used a large rack system live and it is possible that this was also used in the studio, along with Prince's Boss effects set up. Prince added a Boss BD-2 Blues Driver to his pedalboard around this time.

Prince used a Warwick Thumb bass on this album.

It is likely that Prince used Roland JD-800, Roland JV-80 and Clavia Nord Lead keyboards on this album. It also features the Oberheim OB-8, possibly for the first time since the late 1980s.

The album also sees the return of the Linn LM-1. Other drum tracks probably some from Prince's Akai samplers.

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