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"Musicology" is Prince's 28th album. The album sees a return to pop music after several jazz-influenced releases

Prince plays most of the instruments, with the NPG appearing on certain songs. Prince featured in Guitar World, Bass Player and Keyboard to promote the album.

Prince promoted Musicology on the Musicology 2004ever Tour. Prince performed with an expanded version of the One Nite Alone tour band. The Musicology tour lasted from April to September 2004. The equipment listed here is taken from interviews from this time.

In the studio

Prince used a Hohner MadcatIbanez GB12 George Benson and a Fender Stratocaster on this album. He switched from a large rack to a smaller Mesa/Boogie Heartbreaker set up. It is possible that this appears on the album. Prince continued to use his Boss effects, Dunlop Cry Baby wah and Zoom 9030 and Roland GP-16 racks.

Prince probably played Fender Jazz and a Warwick Thumb. Rhonda Smith also used a Fender Jazz. The album features an acoustic song, Reflection, which was probably played on a Taylor 612 CE.

The keyboards on this album include a Yamaha Motif, a Korg Triton, a Clavia Nord Lead 2 and a  Fender Rhodes. Renato Neto also played a Rhodes.

The album features a Linn LM-1 drum machine on some songs.

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