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The Love Symbol Album


"The Love Symbol Album" is Prince's fourteenth album. The album continues with the sound of Diamonds and Pearls, combining hip-hop with live instrumentation and horns.

It is credited to Prince and the New Power Generation, who appear on eight of the songs. Prince and the New Power Generation toured to promote the album. The Act I & II tours ran from March 1993 to September 1993. Details of this tour are taken from videos and photographs of the period. It is assumed the NPG used similar equipment to the Diamonds and Pearls tour.

In the studio

The Love Symbol Album was recorded between September 1991 and March 1992 at Paisley Park. Prince used a Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar and a Hohner Madcat on this album. Around this time, his guitar rig was evolving and it is likely that he used something similar to his live rig in the studio. Guitar parts were recorded using a 4x12" cabinet[1] - possibly a Marshall. He also used his Boss pedals, Colorsound Wah, Roland GP-16 and Zoom 9030 effects.

Live, Prince was using Gibson Chet Atkins SST acoustic guitars and one may appear on the album too. Sonny T used an Auerswald Cleo bass live and it is likely that Prince used one in the studio. An electric sitar appears on the song 7.

Prince's main keyboard on the album was a Roland D-50.[2] Other keyboards may include the Korg T3 and the Roland JD-800. He continued using the Publison IM90 Infernal Machine for sampling, along with an Akai S1000. The Linn LM-1 was also used on some songs.[3]

For details of the equipment used by the NPG, please see the Diamonds and Pearls page and the live section above.

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