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"Emancipation" is Prince's nineteenth album. The triple album has a diverse sound, with techno, new age and ambient tracks alongside funk, R&B and rock songs.

Prince plays most of the instruments on the album, although members of the NPG appear on several songs. There are some pictures taken from the sessions and Prince gave an interview with Musician shortly after its release. The album was associate produced by Kirk Johnson.

Prince promoted the album live with the NPG, including two extensive North American tours - the Love 4 One Another charities tour and the Jam Of The Year tour. Details of this period are taken from the April 1997 issue of Musician and photographs and videos of the tour.

In the studio

Emancipation was recorded between January 1995 and October 1996 at Paisley Park. Prince played a Jerry Auerswald Symbol guitar and a Hohner Madcat on this album. Prince used a rack set up live and this may have also been used in the studio, It consisted of Soldano SLO-100 and Caswell X99 amplifiers, Roland GP-16 and Zoom 9030 rack effects and Marshall and Peavey cabinets. Prince also used his Boss effects pedals on these records.

Prince used a Warwick Thumb bass on this album.

Prince was photographed with a rack of equipment in the studio. It consisted of Akai MPC-60IIAkai S1000 and Akai S3000 samplers and an E-mu Vintage Keys sound module. There is also a Roland JV-80 in this photograph. Prince probably also played a Roland JD-800 and a Clavia Nord Lead on this album.

It is likely that the drum sounds on this album came from the above samplers. A Roland TR-808 features on Da, Da, Da.

For equipment used by the NPG line up, see the Gold Experience and Emancipation tour sections.

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