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Come, The Gold Experience & Chaos and Disorder


"Come", "The Gold Experience" and "Chaos and Disorder" are Prince's fifteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth albums. The recording sessions for these albums crossed over so they can be considered a single era. These albums have a varied sound. Whilst all of the albums feature funk and hip-hop/R&B influenced songs, Come also features industrial and techno influences, The Gold Experience has pop-rock songs and Chaos and Disorder has more of a hard rock sound. Prince's guitar playing is more prominent on these albums.

A reduced version of the NPG appear on three songs on Come, seven songs from the Gold Experience and eight from Chaos and Disorder.

Prince gave a detailed account of his guitar set up in the November 1994 issue of Guitar World, so it is assumed a similar set up was used for these albums. Details of other instruments are taken from live performances and videos from this time.

Prince and the NPG performed regularly in 1993-96, playing material from these albums. There was no tour for Come, but there were two tours for the Gold Experience, the Ultimate Live Experience and the Japan '96 tours. There were no Chaos and Disorder shows, although there were a few television appearances. Equipment details are taken from interviews, photographs and videos from the period.

In the studio

Come, The Gold Experience and Chaos and Disorder were recorded between January 1993 and April 1996, mostly at Paisley Park. Prince got his Jerry Auerswald Symbol Guitar in 1993 and it probably appears on these album. He also played a Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar and a Hohner Madcat. Prince probably used his rack set up in the studio. See the Act I & II tour section for more details. Prince also used his Boss effects. New pedals include a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone and a DS-2 Turbo Distortion.

Prince also switched to Warwick basses in 1994. Prince played a Warwick Thumb, which would become Prince's preferred bass live and in the studio. Sonny T also used a Warwick Thumb and Warwick Dolphin.

Prince played Roland JD-800 and Korg T3 keyboards on these albums. It is also possible that Prince used a Roland JV-80 as well. Tommy Barbarella and Morris Hayes also used these keyboards, along with Roland MIDI controllers and various rack modules. Tommy also played a Fender Rhodes and Morris played a Hammond B3 organ. See the tour section above for more details.

For electronic drum sounds and samples, it is possible that Prince used Akai MPC-60 and S1000 samplers. Michael B probably played Sonor, Yamaha and Gretsch drums and Zildjian cymbals.

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