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Art Official Age & Plectrumelectrum


"Art Official Age" and "Plectrumelectrum" are two albums released by Prince on the same day 2014. Art Official Age is an electronic and R&B album recorded mostly by Prince whereas Plectrumelectrum features 3rd Eye Girl.

This era covers the time Prince worked with 3rd Eye Girl, consisting of Donna Grantis on guitar, Ida Nielsen on bass and Hannah Welton-Ford on drums. Joshua Welton and Cassandra O’Neal also appeared on keyboards but weren’t considered part of the group. Prince toured with 3rd Eye Girl throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Donna has given details of her set up for this period, and some information has been published about Ida's equipment. Prince's set up for this period can be found in Paisley Park. The rest of this information is taken from photographs and videos of the period.