Sequential Circuits Prophet VS


The Sequential Circuits Prophet VS is a digital synthesiser used by Prince on the Sign O The Times album. Prince acquired the keyboard in the summer of 1986, and it became one of the main keyboards on the Sign O The Times album. It was for evolving pad sounds and it appears prominently on U Got The Look and Cocoa Boys (Filmmusic patch[1] ). It also appears on other songs from late 1986 including Play In The Sunshine, If I Was Your Girlfriend and Adore.[2]

Wendy and Lisa are also reported to have played a VS on their version of Strange Relationship, although this was recorded before the Prophet VS was released.

Dr Fink played a Prophet VS on the Sign O The Times, Lovesexy and Nude tours. It was later used by Tommy Barbarella for recreating the analogue synthesiser sounds from the earlier records.[3]

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