Linn LinnDrum

Electronic Percussion

The Linn LinnDrum or LM-2 is a drum machine from the early 1980s. It was the successor to the Linn LM-1. Compared to its predecessor, it had fewer tuning and routing options, making it less suitable for Prince's signature drum programming style. Nevertheless, Prince regularly rented one when recording at Sunset Sound in the early to mid 1980s. It has a confirmed appearance on Take Me With U and probably appears on Erotic City, Possessed, Sign O The Times (tambourine and cabasa) and I Can Never Take The Place Of Your Man.[1]  It also appears on the protege albums recorded during this time, including Ice Cream Castles by the Time, The Glamorous Life by Sheila E and the Apollonia 6 album. It has been reported by Susan Rogers that Prince didn't like the unit.

Later, in 1988-1989 a Linn LM-1 was needed at Paisley Park for a series of recording sessions. Prince's LM-1s were either on the Lovesexy tour or were broken. Engineer Chuck Zwicky was unable to locate a LM-1, so a LinnDrum was rented instead. This LinnDrum appears on a number of songs recorded at Paisley Park during the Lovesexy tour including Elephants and Flowers, Still Would Stand All Time and Scandalous. When Prince started the Batman sessions immediately after the Lovesexy tour, it is likely that this LinnDrum was used again.[2]

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