Bag End D12-M


A guitar cabinet used by Prince in the 1980s and early 1990s. It contained two 12” speakers. Prince first used these cabinets on the 1999 tour and by the Purple Rain tour he had six in total. He paired these cabinets with his Mesa/Boogie Mark II amplifier heads. He continued using these cabinets on stage and in the studio for the rest of the 1980s. They were last seen on the Diamond and Pearls tour.

Prince would often hide these speakers inside the staging structure and or would have the speakers facing him between his monitor wedges.

Dez Dickerson and Wendy Melvoin also used these cabinets. 

I’m recalling that Prince didn’t use the Lead mode anyway, but his setup back then was definitely a 300 series [Mark II] head with two Bag End sealed-back cabinets loaded with JBLs. It was quite a sound!
For my guitar, it was a Boss compressor, probably a CS-1, directly into a TC Electronic distortion pedal, into an MXR boost, into a Cry Baby Wah, then my chorus, the brand of which escapes me right now, and then into a volume pedal, all of which fed into a Mesa/Boogie Mark II head on a cab with, I think, a pair of JBL speakers. I was using one of my modified purple Rickenbackers when we recorded it.