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Title Publication Date Interviewee
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The Sound Of Emancipation Musician November 1997 Prince, Mike Scott, Kat Dyson, Rhonda Smith, Morris Hayes, Kirk Johnson
The Artist Guitar World October 1998 Prince
His Highness Gets Down Bass Player Magazine November 1999 Prince
Goodbye 1999 Keyboard December 1999 Prince
The Once and Future Prince Guitar Player January 2000 Prince
The answers from the Dr Fink questionnaire Housequake February 2004 Dr Fink
Rhonda Smith Grooves Royally With Prince Bass Player June 2004 Rhonda Smith
Crown of Creation: Prince Summons the Funk... Guitar Player July 2004 Prince, Mike Scott
Ida Nielsen: Purple Reign Bass Guitar Magazine April 2015 Ida Nielsen
Susan Rogers Red Bull Music Academy 2016 Susan Rogers
Bag End D-12M Bag End Website Prince
Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar Premier Guitar June 2016 Dave Rusan
In The Studio With Prince - Getting His Sound Izotope June 2016 Susan Rogers
On Bass: Spotlight on Sonny T Premier Guitar June 2016 Sonny T
Wendy Melvoin: Playing for the Revolution Premier Guitar October 2017 Wendy Melvoin
Revolution bassist Mark Brown: “Prince would... February 2018 Brownmark
The Revolution's Dr Matt Fink Deconstructs... The Current April 2018 Dr Fink
Bobby Z Of The Revolution Modern Drummer February 2019 Bobby Z
The Origin of Prince’s Cloud Guitar Fretboard Journal May 2020
Wendy & Lisa on gear, gender equality and... MusicTech September 2020 Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman