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Graffiti Bridge


Graffiti Bridge is Prince's twelfth album. It is the soundtrack to the Graffiti Bridge film, and half the songs feature guest vocalists from the film. Many of the songs from the album were taken from the vault or repurposed from other projects. The album features a mixture of styles including gospel, blues, house and new jack swing.

For the songs recorded for this project, there are some accounts from studio engineers. The rest of the equipment is assumed based on contemporary videos and live appearances.

Prince did not tour the album, although he did go on the Nude tour in 1990. Conceived as a greatest hits tour, it also featured a few songs from Graffiti Bridge and Batman. He was backed by another, unnamed band on this tour. Prince gave an interview around this time detailing his guitar rig. Other details from this tour are taken from photographs and videos, the Nude Tour tourbook and interviews given by Dr Fink and Rosie Gaines.

In the studio

For the vault tracks, please see these pages:

Can't Stop This Feeling I Got, New Power Generation and Tick, Tick, Bang were also taken from the vault but were updated for this project. Elephants & Flowers and Still Would Stand All Time were recorded for the Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic album, but would have featured similar instruments to the ones listed here.

Prince played an Auerswald Model C, a Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar and a Hohner Madcat on this album. He probably used his live amp and effects set up in the studio (see the Tour section above). A Guild acoustic guitar was used on the song Elephants and Flowers.[1] He played Alembic Spoiler and Auerswald Cleo basses.

His keyboard set up included a Roland D-50 and E-mu Emulator II and Emax samplers. Prince continued to use the Publison IM90 Infernal Machine as a sampler, and would use it to sample and arrange entire sections of songs.

The drum machines on this album include the Linn LM-1 and the Dynacord ADD One. The LinnDrum features appears on Elephants and Flowers and Still Would Stand All Time.[2]

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