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"Batman" is Prince's eleventh studio album. The album has a sparse, stripped back sound with a focus on programmed drums, distorted guitars and synthesizers.

Prince plays most of the instruments on the album. Dr Fink has given some details of the equipment used on the album, and there is some footage of Prince working on the album in the studio. There are also details of these sessions given by engineers.

There was no Batman tour, although there were some promotional appearances for the album. See the Graffiti Bridge page for more information.

In the studio

Batman was recorded between June 1988 and February 1989 at Paisley Park studios. Prince played an Auerswald Model C, a Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar, a Hohner Madcat and a Sigma SE-19 on this album. He may have also used his live rig, including his Boss pedals, a Colorsound wah and a Mesa Boogie/Bag End amplifier. Prince first used rack effects around this time, and a Roland GP-16 with a Roland EV-5 may have been used for pitch shifting effects.

Prince was filmed in the studio recording a bass part for Partyman on an Auerswald Cleo. He also played an Alembic Spoiler in the Batdance video so it is likely that they both appear on the album.

Dr Fink has given an account of the keyboards used on the album. Most of the parts came from a Roland D-50 and a set of Fairlight samples stored in an E-mu Emax sampler.

Drum parts probably came from a Linn Linndrum, a Linn LM-1, a Dynacord ADD One and the Fairlight sample set. Prince also used a Publison IM90 Infernal Machine. Intended as a sampler and effects processor, it seemed to have been used by Prince for arranging songs.

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