Moog Minimoog


The Moog Minimoog is an analogue synthesiser. Prince used one on For You and Prince. Dr Fink also owned one before joining Prince’s band, something that impressed Prince. He used one live on the Prince tour. 

I had brought my Minimoog along. It was my solo instrument at the time, and I could do quite well with it. He didn't have one, so that impressed him quite a bit.
By the time I joined him, my personal setup was just a Minimoog, a Rhodes, a Farfisa VIP 345 with a Leslie speaker cabinet, and a Freeman string synthesizer. At that same time, he had all this gear he bought with money from his record deal, so I integrated what I had with what he had. I got rid of the Freeman and went to an ARP String Ensemble, and the old Oberheim Four-Voices and S.E.M. modules. I kept the Minimoog, and added a [Hohner] Clavinet and an ARP Pro-Soloist... a lot of stuff! It was a Rick Wakeman kind of setup. Then, as time went on, I pared things down, and every year kept updating as things changed.