Arp Pro Soloist


The Arp Pro Soloist is a monophonic synthesizer used by Prince on For You and Prince. Prince played the solo on "Soft And Wet" on the Pro Soloist.[1]  It was also used live by Dr Fink [2] and Gayle Chapman.

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  2. ^Housequake Dr Fink Interview
By the time I joined him, my personal setup was just a Minimoog, a Rhodes, a Farfisa VIP 345 with a Leslie speaker cabinet, and a Freeman string synthesizer. At that same time, he had all this gear he bought with money from his record deal, so I integrated what I had with what he had. I got rid of the Freeman and went to an ARP String Ensemble, and the old Oberheim Four-Voices and S.E.M. modules. I kept the Minimoog, and added a [Hohner] Clavinet and an ARP Pro-Soloist... a lot of stuff! It was a Rick Wakeman kind of setup. Then, as time went on, I pared things down, and every year kept updating as things changed.